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Leather Conditioning

Leather Cream is a leather conditioner formulated to restore vital nutrients to your car’s leather surfaces.

It safely nourishes leather seats, consoles, and dashboards to keep your leather looking newer for longer.

This unique formula is made with lanolin and UV blockers to leave your leather looking supple and luxurious.

Glass Sealant


Cars & 4 Seat SUV’s


We utilize the same active ingredients used on aircraft, so water and snow bead right off your windshield even in the roughest weather conditions.

This sealant dramatically increases your wet weather visibility making for a safer and much less stressful driving experience.

- Creates a hydrophobic surface that repels water instantly

- Helps you remove ice, salt, frost, and bugs more easily

- Allows your wipers to work better and last longer


Windshield Only


All Exterior Glass

Ozone Machine

Ozone kills odors naturally using no chemicals.

Depending on severity of odor, machine will need to run in vehicle for 2-6 hours.

If leaving vehicle for this allotted time is not possible

We suggest the aforementioned Neutra-Scent as a great alternative.


    Cars & 4 Seat SUV’s


    6 Seat SUV’s/Vans & Trucks

    Formulated to protect the individual fibers in your vehicle's fabric surfaces.

    Carpet & Upholstery Protection will bead liquids right off the surface, preventing stains.

    This product protects without affecting the look and feel of the fabric surface, making it the perfect addition to any cleaning process.


      Cars & 4 Seat SUV’s


      6 Seat SUV’s/Vans & Trucks

      Convertible Top Care

      Service includes both the cleaning of the top and the application of the protector.



        Rag-Top is the industry leader in convertible top care and maintenance.

        Note: On fabric tops the protector must be applied to a dry surface so please allow time for this when planning to have this service done.

          Vinyl Top

          Fabric Top

            Headlight Restoration

            Not only does this affect the appearance, but this can also cause reduced visibility.


              Cars & 4 Seat SUV’s


              6 Seat SUV’s/Vans & Trucks

              UV Rays, bulb heat, road grime, and pollution all can fade or discolor headlights.

              Engine Shampoo

              Includes degreasing and washing of the engine bay. After cleaning, all rubber and plastic is dressed with a silicone free dressing.


                Cars & 4 Seat SUV’s


                6 Seat SUV’s/Vans & Trucks

                A clean engine runs cooler.

                Note: Although every precaution is taken, we cannot be responsible for any damage resulting from this service that may be due to any water interfering with engine function.

                  Prices Do Not Include HST

                  Fabric Protection

                  Prices Include Both Headlights*

                  6 Seat SUV’s/Vans & Trucks